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A human turned fiend by the power of Amrita. Also known as a form of oni, a muscular, horned humanoid dwelling in the mountains. The Shuten-doji is the most famous; so too are the oni who are fought by Momotaro, the Peach Boy. Every February in Japan, a ritual called Setsubun is undertaken where citizens scatter beans to drive away oni and pray for good health.

The power of Amrita is double-edged sword. If used improperly, or with evil intent, it has the power to transform the user into a fiend. A fiend is far stronger than a human, but devoid of rationality, they can only follow their instincts to attack any who happen across their path.


Yoki can be found on most levels in various forms. Sometimes with a katana or an axe, and with or without armor. Most of the time, they are found in Dark Realm areas as one of the several yokai needed to be defeated in order to clear the area up.

Behaviour Edit

Yoki have simple behaviors regardless of their weapon or appearance. Their moves consist of several wild swings, a swing and a kick, a shoulder charge, or a Burst Attack. When out of Ki, they will spawn a pool of Yokai Realm to recover.

Weak Spot & Tactics Edit

Yoki are weak in the same spot as Nioh, which is the horns on their head. Breaking these will usually cut a good amount of Ki or even disable them on the spot. When facing any Yoki, be sure to evade their attacks by putting in distance between you and them when they begin to wind up their assault, then attack from behind when they are finished. Be very careful when fighting Yoki wielding an Axe as their attacks will do more damage quickly than ones with Katana.


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