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Yodogimi, mother of Toyotomi Hideyori, was born Chacha, the daughter of feudal lord Azai Nagamasa in Omi province (present—day Shiga prefecture). Her uncle and one—time ally, Oda Nobunaga, defeated the Azai clan, and her grandfather and father eventually met the same fate as their castles, which burned to the ground. Soon thereafter, she moved to Echizen province (Fukui prefecture) after her mother Oichi (Nobunaga's younger sister) married Shibata Katsuie. Tragedy struck her family a second time, however, when Katsuie was forced to take his own life in a battle against Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Once again, Yodogimi lost her home, as well as her mother and father.

She eventually married Hideyoshi and gave birth to Hideyori, and enjoyed a life of luxury as "Yodo no kata," but the various hardships she had experienced weighed heavily on her. The darkness that stirred in her heart spread greatly after the Battle of Sekigahara and the death of Hideyoshi, and she quickly became obsessed with doing everything in her power to aid the struggling Toyotomi clan.

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Possessed by a malicious yokai and consumed by her hatred for Tokugawa leyasu, Yodogimi was so intent on preserving the Toyotomi clan that she turned to the power of the spirit stones to achieve that goal. From atop the heights of Osaka Castle's main keep, she watched on as the Toyotomi forces continued to be overwhelmed by leyasua's massive army. When her last hope for victory, Sanada Yukimura, fell to William, the remaining traces of her conscience finally succumbed to the darkness within her. The power of the spirit stones was released and engulfed the castle in chaos, and the Toyotomi forces, now revenants, overran the Tokugawa forces. Her body now completely consumed by the nine—tailed fox spirit, Yodogimi descended the castle tower to confront William, who had now also defeated Hideyori. Although she possessed enough power to lay waste to the world, she was unable to best William in battle, and was ultimately defeated. Together with Yukimura, who had risked his life to climb the tower and put an end to the rampage, Yodogimi vanished in a burst of flames.

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Yodogimi's son, Toyotomi Hideyori, was said to look vastly different from his father, and many believed that he bore a stronger resemblance to Yodogimi's father, Azai Nagamasa. After Yodogimi's younger sister, Go, became the wife of Tokugawa leyasu's son Hidetada and gave birth to lemitsu, the third shogun, the Azai bloodline ran quickly through the Tokugawa shogunate and held sway over Japan for three hundred years. Hideyoshi was said to be a rather lustful man, but between his wife Kita no Mandokoro and over fourteen mistresses, only Yodogimi bore him a child. It was rumoured that Hideyoshi was not Hideyori's real father, though it remains to be proven otherwise.

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