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A large and very strange looking Yokai that inhabits ocean waters. Also known as "umi-nyudo" and "umi-hoshi." A famed Yokai of many legends; it takes its name, which literally means "sea-monk", from its round, bald head. Its appearances inevitably herald violent storms.

Its body is a mass of water as large as a mountain. Its body contain an Amrita core, and the light from it emanates from between the waves to resemble eyes. Its tiniest movement can create titanic waves, sending even the stoutest of ships to the bottom of the sea with all men aboard.

Even should you manage to approach the Umi-Bozu during a storm, it will provide a formidable opponent. It attacks with tentacle-like appendages formed from water, and can split the debris from former wrecks out at hurricane speeds. Some legends claim that it is susceptible to fire.


Found at the end of The Ocean Roars Again mission, the 6th main mission, in the Chugoku region.

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  • Light up all 3 torches in the map and use file weapon
  • To cheese this boss use Hyottoko Mask


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