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Skins Edit

Exchange Glory to obtain skins, allowing William to transform into another character.

Hattori Hanzo Icon Hattori Hanzo Glory 1300
Tokugawa Ieyasu Icon Tokugawa Ieyasu Glory 8200
Ii Naomasa Icon Ii Naomasa Glory 5850
Torii Mototada Icon Torii Mototada Glory 5000
Edward Kelley Icon Edward Kelley Glory 20,000
Honda Tadakatsu Icon Honda Tadakatsu Glory 7200
Ishida Mitsunari Icon Ishida Mitsunari Glory 8200
Shima Sakon Icon Shima Sakon Glory 5500
Otani Yoshitsugu Icon Otani Yoshitsugu Glory 5500
Obsidian Samurai Icon Obsidian Samurai Yasuke Glory 8450
Oda Nobunaga Icon Oda Nobunaga Glory 12,000
Saika Magoichi Icon Saika Magoichi Glory 6500
Kuroda Nagamasa Icon Kuroda Nagamasa Glory 2750
Tachibana Muneshige Icon Tachibana Muneshige Glory 4550
Kobayakawa Hideaki Icon Kobayakawa Hideaki Glory 4200
Marume Nagayoshi Icon Marume Nagayoshi Glory 8000
Hozoin Inei Icon Hozoin Inei Glory 9000
Revenant Icon Revenant Glory 4961
Okatsu Icon Okatsu Glory 100,000
Fuku Icon Fuku Glory 70,000
Tachibana Ginchiyo Icon Tachibana Ginchiyo Glory 70,000
Senji Tome Icon Senji Tome Glory 70,000
Date Masamune Icon Date Masamune Glory 30,000
Sanada Yukimura Icon Sanada Yukimura Glory 30,000
Sarutobi Sasuke Icon Sarutobi Sasuke Glory 20,000
Maria Icon Maria Glory 70,000
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