Nioh Wiki

Members of the Nioh Wiki who are given special abilities and duties are considered Staff members. Each Staff position is unique in its own right, granting different abilities on different parts of the Wiki. The following titles are the Staff positions:

  • Bureaucrats
  • Administrators
  • Chat Moderators
  • Moderators

*= Denotes inactivity for long periods of time


Bureaucrats are users on the Wiki who are able to grant numerous user rights to other users. The main thing they are able to promote users to is Administrator, though they are also able to promote people to any other basic staff position discussed on this page. On this Wiki, all Bureaucrats are also Administrators. The following users are Bureaucrats:


Administrators are users on the Wiki who are able to perform multiple different actions in terms of editing, delete pages, restore pages, settle disputes, and block unruly or disruptive users. They are very able editors who are knowledgeable about most aspects of the Wiki. The following users are Administrators:

Chat Moderators

Chat Moderators are users on the Wiki who are granted the ability to maintain the Wiki Chat by kicking, or banning if necessary, users from the chat who fail to obey the Chat Rules. The Wiki does not have any Chat Moderators.


Moderators are users on the Wiki who are granted the ability to maintain the Forums by using their multiple abilities on threads, such as closing and reopening threads, removing malicious or otherwise rule-breaking comments, highlighting and un-highlighting threads, and managing the Forum boards themselves. The Wiki currently does not have any Moderators.

Becoming a Staff Member

A user who wishes to join the Nioh Wiki Staff should speak with a Bureaucrat, and tell the Bureaucrat which position they would like to be promoted to. If the Bureaucrat deems the user fit, he will nominate them on the Forums, and it will be left to community decision on whether or not the user becomes that Staff position. In the absence of an active Bureaucrat, or any user may nominate another user, or nominate themselves, on the Forums.