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Sentries are statues that move through the power of a spirit-stone. Carved in the form of ancient warriors, they are placed out of sight at tombs, sacred domains, and the like as guards. When they detect an intruder, they immediately attack.

Sentries move slowly, but a single blow from their massive swords can be fatal. They are also very hard to destroy, being made of stone. It is not clear exactly how they are triggered into action or how to stop them, so the safest course of action is to give them a wide berth


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Behaviour Edit

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Weak Spot & Tactics Edit

Sentries take increased damage from consecutive attacks and back attacks. Dashing straight through them when they wind up their attack is advised. Alternatively, you can dodge left or right on their vertikal sword strike, and hit them from a 90 degree angle while they are locked into their upwards sword strike and the recovery.


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