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Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "????".

Senji Tome is the granddaughter of the current Senji Muramasa, legendary swordsmith of Ise province. She has been initiated into the Muramasa teachings and is a remarkably skilled blacksmith and appraiser. With Muramasa's whereabouts currently unknown, she is running the forge in his absence, continuing the tradition of fine Muramasa blades. It is said that if a Muramasa sword is thrust into the river, fallen leaves will spontaneously be drawn to it and sliced in two. This mysterious power may be what sparked the rumours that Muramasa are "evil" swords that can draw their victims to them.

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Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "????".

Women are not usually permitted in blacksmith forges. Kanayago-kami, the Goddess of Fire, Earth and Death to whom all smithies are sacred is said to frown on the presence of any other women there. The Muramasa family, however, have their own Amrita-based techniques and their own rules, and Tome has always worked alongside the men at the forge.

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Unlock: To unlock, give 3 of Kagatsuchi's Magatama to the blacksmith.

Sparks fly during a blacksmith's work, and many unlucky souls have been blinded at the forge. Tome, too, lost her sight in one eye there at a young age. The gods of the forge in Japanese mythology, Amatsumara and Ame-no-mahitotsu-no-kami were also said to have only one eye each.

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Unlock: To unlock, give 5 of Kagatsuchi's Magatama to the blacksmith.

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