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Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "????".

Saika Magoichi is the head of the Saika, based in western Kii Province. The name "Saika Magoichi" is adopted by each successive leader of the Saika; the current Magoichi is a man whose real name is Suzuki Shigetomo. The Saika are a band of traveling mercenaries skilled in firearms, cannons, and other guns. They prefer to fight small guerilla operations than large-scale battles, but they will fight for whoever pays them and have no allegiance to any lord. In the employ of Ken'nyo of Honganji Temple, they occupied Ishiyama Honganji in Osaka and put up fierce resistance against Oda Nobunaga, but they were later defeated during Hideyoshi's Kyushu campaign. They revere the sacred crow Yatagarasu and are said to be able to see spirits and other invisible presences.

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Unlock: To unlock, defeat Saika Magoichi 3 times.

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Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission The Silent Crow.

Magoichi fought fiercly against Nobunaga, and are said even to have landed a hit on the man from a firearm, forcing him to flee. The Saika arrange their marksmen in two lines. While the front line fires, the second reloads; the two then exchange places, and the cycle repeats. In this way, the Saika found a way to overcome the main weak point of firearms - the need to reload. In his later years, Nobunaga used a three-layered technique against the Takeda forces, perhaps because he remembered how much trouble the tactic had previously caused himself.

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Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission The Watcher in Darkness.

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He is fought as a boss in the Immortal Flame main mission and The Watcher in Darkness sub mission.

He is found locked up after defeating Hino-Enma in the The Silent Crow sub mission. He asks William for the Tortoiseshell Hairpin Hino-Enma drops in return for a Famed Ninja's Locks.


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¡Como Vencer a Saika Magoichi Sin Ser Golpeado! - Título- Triturador de Saika Magoichi 😱

¡Como Vencer a Saika Magoichi Sin Ser Golpeado! - Título- Triturador de Saika Magoichi 😱




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  • The The Silent Crow mission involves investigating a bathhouse where "lately people have been disappearing, then returning as corpses. The strange thing is, they've all been men" and defeating Hino-Enma. Upon defeat, her dialogue implies that she kills all men except for Saika Magoichi who is found locked up behind the boss room. Moreover, she drops the Tortoiseshell Hairpin upon her first defeat which Magoichi will ask for when talked to, in return for a Famed Ninja's Locks.
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