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Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "????".

Otani Yoshitsugu is a general under the Toyotomi clan. Known for his combination of intelligence and bravery, Yoshitsugu has a calm, cool-headed demeanor that conceals a fiery fighting spirit within. Yoshitsugu entered Hideyoshi's service at a young age and was rewarded for his contribution to Hideyoshi's campaign to unify Japan with the title "Gyobu Shoyu," lesser minister of justice. He eventually became known as "Gyobu." Despite his illness, he fought valiantly at Shizugatake and Odawara. During the conquest of Kyushu, he seized a weapon, waded into the Negoro holed up in their temple, and brought back the head of their leader. Yoshitsugu was often in the company of Ishida Mitsunari during his administrative duties, and the two of them became firm friends, able to speak frankly with each other. He is said to have been skilled in not only martial arts but also mystical arts.

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Unlock: To unlock, defeat Otani Yoshitsugu 3 times.

Otani Yoshitsugu's friendship with Ishida Mitsunari began when the two of them were young warriors fighting in the Battle of Shizugatake. Not only did Yoshitsugu convince enemy armies to secretly switch sides and turn on their allies in advance, he also rode with Mitsunari and the rest of the vanguard and was hailed afterwards as one of the "Three Swords" of the battle. After Hideyoshi's death, when Mitsunari grew more determined in his resistance to leyasu, Yoshitsugu tried to convince him that there was no way to win, but was impressed enough by Mitsunari's passion to stand alongside him in what Yoshitsugu knew would be a losing battle. At the Battle of Sekigahara, he was pierced in the side by the speartip of the traitor Kobayakawa Hideaki, taking him out of the battle and throwing his forces into disarray. As his subordinates began to die one after another, he transformed into an Oni and held back the enemy until he finally faced William and was defeated.

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Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission The Ghosts of Sawayama.

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He is fought as a boss in the main mission Sekigahara.


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¡Como Vencer a Otani Yoshitsugu Sin Ser Golpeado! - Título- Triturador de Otani Yoshitsugu 😱

¡Como Vencer a Otani Yoshitsugu Sin Ser Golpeado! - Título- Triturador de Otani Yoshitsugu 😱



  • Smithing Text: Tsuruga Masamune & Hocho Toshiro
  • Smithing Text: Justice Ministry Armour
  • Justice Ministry Armour
  • Tsuruga Masamune & Hocho Toshiro

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  • The real historical figure Otani Yoshitsugu suffered from leprosy, and his mask was typical attire for those inflicted with the disease during that era. In his dialogue with Shima Sakon, he mentions not having long to live.
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