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A gigantic Oni with a single eye in the center of its face. Oni with two eyes were originally human or at least born of ugly human passions in some way. One-eyed Oni, however, are said to be the wild, bestial side of mountain gods and local spirits personified.

Apparently, these yokai aren't smart enough to use weapons other than their fists or great rocks which they throw at their victims. However, as they are more than twice as large as a person, their sheer physical strength allows them to smash overconfident foes flat with a single blow.


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Behaviour Edit

  • Quick hooks: delivers up to 3 fast, damaging punches.
  • Toss boulder: scrapes the ground, tossing a boulder with slight homing.
  • Jump attack: winds up then jumps forward and slams his fists on the ground, covering his eye.
  • Heavy jump attack: a longer variation of the "Jump attack," with more damage and leaving his eye exposed.
  • Grab: uses both hands to quickly do a pincer grab. If missed, he will pause for a split second checking the ground.
  • Rub eye: sometimes he will stop to rub his eye. May or may not happening at all in a fight.
  • Drop Attack: Exclusive to higher difficulties. Will jump and drop down if attacked from behind.

Weak Spot & Tactics Edit

Lowering his Attack makes him a non-thread. Using a weapon with Wind and Weaken Melee will reduce his attack by 80%. Devigorate and Gale Shot achieve the same. Alternatively, Blinding Shells and Makibishi will make quick work of this Yokai as well.


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