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Character Directory[]

Entry 1[]

Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "????".

Okatsu is a female ninja or "kunoichi" under Hattori Hanzo. Trained in the same Iga ninjutsu as Hanzo, she accompanies William on his travels. Kunoichi are as skilled as warriors and spies as male ninja, but are also able to masquerade as powerless women to encourage targets to let their guard down, or disguise themselves as maids to gather information. Okatsu's mastery of every aspect of the ninja is said to rival even her teacher Hanzo's and makes her a strongly trusted figure.

Entry 2[]

Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "????".

Okatsu's father is Tokugawa Ieyasu. Her elder brother Nobuyasu was killed at an early age, allegedly to ensure the safety of Ieyasu himself. She has borne a grudge against Ieyasu ever since, and left his household as soon as she could to study under Hattori Hanzo. She despises not only Ieyasu but all samurai - and, indeed, the entire bloody, warlike world she is forced to live in.

Entry 3[]

Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "????".

Okatsu has spent years under Hanzo, gathering rumours about yokai and information about strange phenomena likely to be Amrita—related from around the country. She is highly experienced and a master of disguise, able to infiltrate any location. Okatsu is skilled in the art of the kodachi dagger and the shuriken throwing—blade, but considers these a last resort, as she is reluctant to harm people, even for the sake of the mission.

Entry 4[]

Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission A True Ninja 3 times.

At first, Okatsu was suspicious of Willam, a foreigner who claims to be able to see spirits, but she eventually warmed up to him. In William, she feels great ninja potential, seeing him make more effective use of his skills than she ever could. But, at the same time, her competitive side will not let her defer to him so easily, and when she crosses blades with William she does so in deadly earnest

Entry 5[]

Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "????".

Over the course of their battles, Okatsu became interested in, even fond of William's way of thinking and approach to life, so different from the Japanese samurai she knew. However, she never revealed this interest to William, and he left Japan without saying a word to her. For her part, she made no attempt to follow him or persuade him to stay.


Appears in Wreathed in Flame(Quest giver), The Spirit Stone Slumbers(Cutscene Only), A Request from Ginchiyo(Quest giver), The Three Angry Gods(Quest giver), The Ogress(Quest giver), The Missing Catalog(Quest giver), A True Ninja (Quest giver and Boss), The Three Souls(Quest giver), Memories of Death-Lilies(Cutscene only), The Okehazama Incident(Quest Giver), The Defiled Castle( Cutscene and Boss), The Demon King Revealed(Cutscene and Companion)


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Weak Spot & Tactics[]

Head (Projectile)


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