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The Ogress is a Yokai taking the form of a woman who died filled with grudge and hate. Her ferocious expression and unkempt locks speak to her tormented sadness. If you look closely, you can see that her kimono is quite high quality, the mark of a noblewoman in life.

Its true form is Lady Tsukiyama, wife of Ieyasu. Her real name is Sena. She was born to the Imagawa family, married to Ieyasu and gave birth to his son Nobuyasu, but after the Imagawa family fell, Oda Nobunaga grew suspicious of her and forced Ieyasu to kill both her and their son to prove his loyalty. In her dying moments, Lady Tsukiyama cursed Ieyasu for taking their lives.

The raging Ogress treats any in sight as enemies to attack. Her nails are sharp as any sword, more than capable of rending flesh. Her hate wells up as fire that she spews from her mouth.

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Found at the end of Memories of Death-Lilies mission, the 10th main mission in the Tokai region.

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Missing information.

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  • Attacks from behind


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  • Her tears cause supernatural red-spider lilies to grow around the boss arena.
  • She is Tokugawa Ieyasu's deceased wife Senahime.
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