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The Yokai known as Nurikabe take the form of a giant living wall. They are said to most enjoy simply standing where no wall should be and enjoying the unease and confusion of travelers. If left alone, they will not move, but if harassed they extend long arms to strike back in rage. Slow-moving but with immense strength and stamina, Nurikabe are formidable foes.

Nurikabe often block the way to valuable items or alternative routes to destinations, although whether they do so knowingly or not is unclear. Once a Nurikabe is angered, there is no alternative but to defeat it, but it is said that the right gestures can charm them into a more amiable attitude.


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Behaviour Edit

Nurikabe sit idly inside of doorways, blocking the path. Upon getting close to a Nurikabe, their eyes will open and they will watch the player. If they player makes a correct gesture, the Nurikabe will bow to them in response and leave the doorway; should to player make an incorrect gesture, or strike it, it's eyes will go from beige-yellow, to red. Should they repeat said action, the Nurikabe will become aggressive towards the player.

In combat, the Nurikabe will resort to flinging high-damage boulders at the player with great accuracy and speed, making attacks with ranged weapons difficult.

Weak Spot & Tactics Edit

Nurikabe's weak spot are their eyes, but their rapid fire boulders make accurate shots with ranged weapons impossible to do reliably without cover.

Ninjutsu tools like Kunai and Shuriken can deal significant damage when used repeatedly.

Nurikabe have very high armor and very low health. Recuing their armor with weakness talisman makes them incredibly easy to kill.


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