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A Yokai in a shape of an unbrella. It has a single large eye at its center and a single leg in place of a handle. Also known as "Karakasa-kozo" (Umbrella kid) and "Ippon-ashi" (one-leg). Appears out of nowhere and startle people on rainy nights.

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Paralytic Needles allow you to cleanse paralysis immediately.

Shikin-Gan Pills cleanse paralysis too, but also increase your resistance to paralysis, making it so they effectively cannot stun you anymore.

Resistance Talisman increases your Resistance to paralysis and makes it so you effectively cannot be stunned anymore. The Talisman does not cleanse the status effect however, and must be used before engaging with Karakasa Umbrella.

It's also an effective strategy to reveal yourself to this Yokai briefly, and then hide around a corner. The Yokai will slowly walk around the corner, and have no chance to stun you, or hop away. If you engage this Yokai head on, they will hop backwards repeatedly. Do not throw out attacks right away, even if you are in range. Keep running or dodging forward, until the Yokai stops hopping.

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