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A horrific fusion of a woman's torso and with the lower body of a spider. Ensnares humans in her sticky threads, then devours them alive. In spite of her giant size, can freely climb walls and ceilings. Her arachnid legs are covered in a thick shell, making them highly resistant to damage.

Its true form is the priceless, one of a kind Hiragumo teapot. Named for its flattened appearance, the teapot's full name is actually Kotenmyo Hiragumo. It was a beloved possession of Matsunaga Hisahide, Lord of Shigisan Castle.

In folklore, spiders and their sticky webs have long symbolised obsession, and it is thought that the Hiragumo teapot is acting as a nexus that interwove the souls of the many soldiers who died at Shigisan into a ferocious spider Yokai.


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Found at the end of Spider Nest Castle mission, the 6th main mission in the Kinki region.


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¡Como Vencer a Joro Gumo Sin Ser Golpeado! - Título- Triturador de Joro Gumo 😱

¡Como Vencer a Joro Gumo Sin Ser Golpeado! - Título- Triturador de Joro Gumo 😱




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"Ahh, how hateful! How vile! The fragments of my broken self... where have you scattered...?"


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  • She is the personification of Matsunaga Hisahide's teakettle Hiragumo, that William finds fragments of throughout the Spider Nest Castle level.
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