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After absorbing a huge amount of Amrita, John Dee transformed into this large Yokai. Hundreds of eyes cover its body, even the tentacle-like tips of its hair. It is an embodiment of wicked ambition, utterly devoid of humanity.

Its eyes function in the same as did the Amrita eyes John Dee used to transform into this yokai: collecting information from remote locations, even foreign countries. It isn't fast, but its ability to sense incoming attacks from all directions makes it exceedingly difficult to hit. Even should you amass an army, Hundred Eyes would see and sweep it away before they could approach.

John Dee was an eminent alchemist, and Hundred Eyes is equally intelligent. In addition to using its large wand as a weapon, it uses alchemical attacks as well. Some of its eyes are said to be weaker than others-but the question is, how to determine exactly which ones are weak and which are strong?

Location Edit

Found at the end of The Queen's Eyes mission, the last main mission in the Omi region.

Behaviour Edit

  • Swings wand in front to attack player.
  • Two tentacles fire lasers in a large arc in front of the boss.
  • Sits down and summons a large group of eyes as well as healing itself a small amount.
    • The eyes are one-shot by everything.
    • The eyes shoot lasers.
  • Slams tentacles on the ground behind it to attack players behind him.
  • Can teleport.
  • Spawns a group of red crystals around him that fire at the player a few seconds after being spawned. Can easily be dodge by running to the side. (This attack will most likely insta-kill you)

Weak Spot & Tactics Edit

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Dialogue Edit

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