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A Yokai taking the form of a young woman. Deceives humans and drinks their blood. The name Hino-enma literally means "flying bad luck", and she is believed to cause all manner of troubles and misfortunes. She is believed to have been born from the angry soul of an innocent woman senselessly struck down in the heat of a battle.

Drinking the blood of men to replenish her life force and beauty, she hides her agression - and insanity. Her malevolence is well enough known that her name has been used as an idiom since times of old. Obsession is a cruel mistress.

Enchants men to immobilize them, then sucks their blood and Ki life-force. The insidious part is that your mind may remain clear while your body freezes like a stone. When you face the Hino-Enma, make sure to carry effective measures for paralysis.


Found at the end of Deep in the Shadows mission, the 3rd main mission, in the Kyushu region.

She is later found as one the four bosses that William must defeat before being able to ride the elevator in the 18th mission The Demon King Revealed.

She may also be faced as a boss in some side-missions.


The Hino-Enma is a boss that specializes in mid to long range attacks. She has the ability to do aerial attacks, paralysis attacks and a grab that can steal your health point and thus regenerating her own.

At the start of the fight she will always charge at you. After this she will start using her ground based attacks. If you stay in a point blank range near her, she will mostly only do bare handed attacks. At medium distance she can start to use her wings to do a spin attack, or use her umbrella and swing it around to attack you. At mid to long range distance she can do a charge to close a distance, or throw a purple wave attack that can paralyze you.

Once you get her down to 75% health, she will start to use her aerial attacks. In this state she retains her long range attacks which is the charge, and the paralyze wave attack. She also gain a new attack in which she throws 4 separate needle-like projectiles at you 2 times. She usually finishes her aerial attacks with a charge.

Weak Spot & Tactics[]

The Hino-Enma can be defeated very easily if your build specializes in ninjutsu and onmyo magic. You only need the shuriken from the ninjutsu skill tree so it will be fine if your ninjutsu skill tree is not that much invested, if you have spare skill points, something like power pill will surely help. In the onmyo skill tree you must get the weakness talisman, if you have spare onmyo skill points, get the water amulet. The reason we're going for the water amulet is because the water status effect applies a defense reduction debuff to any enemy that has it, because of this it will out-damage the lightning amulet by a good amount. Lightning status effect will only reduce the enemy's speed, this is not too bad of a debuff, however you can just use the sloth talisman for that, as it is much easier to apply, and also has a higher reduction in movement speed.

The first step you have to do is do every buffing skill or item you have BEFORE you start the boss fight, which is the water amulet, power pill, etc. After that you start the boss fight by jumping down into the arena. Once the boss spawns and the fight starts, quickly throw a shuriken, this will ALWAYS stun the boss and lets you do a huge combo on her. After that apply the weakness talisman debuff on her, and then you start attacking. If you are using a fast attacking weapon, something like the kusarigama or dual blade, and if you are skilled enough, you wouldn't even initiate her aerial attacks. This however is not a braindead strategy and still requires you to dodge her attacks, mainly her grab. If she ever end up using her life steal attack, this can destroy the strategy as she will probably start using her aerial attacks and thus dragging on the fight, or even end up killing you.

As a side note, you can get the shikin-gan pill to increase your resistance to paralysis, but as the strategy above will let you kill her without her ever using the attack, it will become redundant if you are very skilled. There are other plenty of ways in dealing with paralysis so just use your preferred method.

If you do not use ninjutsu and/or onmyo, it will still be a very easy fight if you learn her patterns and keep your distance. Her aerial attacks are the most troublesome to deal with if you end up triggering it. If you have fast enough reflexes, this can be countered with a ranged attack like using a bow or a musket, a hand cannot is not advised here as it will be too slow, simply attack in the time between her attacks with your preferred ranged weapon. Once the aerial attack ends, it would be wise to not be under her, as she would just end up slamming herself to you, the only viable method here is to block as the area is too large to dodge. If you end up draining her Ki bar until its gone, she will ALWAYS initiate a grab to do her life steal attack, therefore it is wise to be not so reckless with your attacks, even when she is down.



"I need more. Bring more men to me."

"The blood of young men keeps me beautiful. I need more. More! Until all the world's men are my slaves."

"Men are too foul to live... I must kill them... All except for him..."



  • The Silent Crow involves investigating a bathhouse where "lately people have been disappearing, then returning as corpses. The strange thing is, they've all been men" and defeating Hino-Enma. Upon defeat, her dialogue implies that she kills all men except for Saika Magoichi who is found locked up behind the boss room. Moreover, she drops the Tortoiseshell Hairpin upon her first defeat which Magoichi will ask for when talked to, in return for a Famed Ninja's Locks.