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A Yokai taking the form of a young woman. Deceives humans and drinks their blood. The name Hino-enma literally means "flying bad luck", and she is believed to cause all manner of troubles and misfortunes. She is believed to have been born from the angry soul of an innocent woman senselessly struck down in the heat of a battle.

Drinking the blood of men to replenish her life force and beauty, she hides her agression - and insanity. Her malevolence is well enough known that her name has been used as an idiom since times of old. Obsession is a cruel mistress.

Enchants men to immobilize them, then sucks their blood and Ki life-force. The insidious part is that your mind may remain clear while your body freezes like a stone. When you face the Hino-Enma, make sure to carry effective measures for paralysis.

Location Edit

Found at the end of Deep in the Shadows mission, the 3rd main mission, in the Kyushu region.

She is later found as one the four bosses that William must defeat before being able to ride the elevator in the 18th mission The Demon King Revealed.

She may also be faced as a boss in some side-missions.

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Missing information.

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Missing information.
Hino-Enma - - No hit

Hino-Enma - - No hit

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"The blood of young men keeps me beautiful. I need more. More! Until all the world's men are my slaves."

"Men are too foul to live... I must kill them... All except for him..."

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  • The Silent Crow involves investigating a bathhouse where "lately people have been disappearing, then returning as corpses. The strange thing is, they've all been men" and defeating Hino-Enma. Upon defeat, her dialogue implies that she kills all men except for Saika Magoichi who is found locked up behind the boss room. Moreover, she drops the Tortoiseshell Hairpin upon her first defeat which Magoichi will ask for when talked to, in return for a Famed Ninja's Locks.


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