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The Harinobo is a Yokai formed by worn-out needles and broken blades. People in Japan believed that objects used for long periods of time housed a soul within them, and called them "tsukumogami". While these tsukumogami are not necessarily intent on harming humans, it is said that some tools harboured a grudge for being permanently discarded or being used in an improper manner, which caused them to transform into Yokai. Among them, it is thought that objects such as needles and blades are especially susceptible to becoming Yokai, so needles and blades that can no longer be used are often blessed at shrines. This ceremony is known as either hari-kuyo for needles or hamono-kuyo for blades.

The bodies of Harinobo contain numerous needles and blade fragments that have grown in size due to mystical powers and are forcefully expelled at their foes. It is said that this is an attempt by the Harinobo to prove that the needles and blades are still capable of being used, despite having been discarded. Those who approach a Harinobo unaware are likely to be sliced to ribbons before they even know what hi


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After going through an attack cycle, they briefly slump to the ground, and can either be hit for a majority of their Ki, or straight up hit with a final blow. The timing on it is very tight, but easily learned. They can always be executed with a final blow after they jumped and released swords in a circle.

They also take increased Ki damage from any vertical strong attack while in the slump state.

Fire Talismans and fire shots help you kill these yokai as well.


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