Description Edit

Sir Anjin, I have a rather embarrassing request. The famed sword Heshi-Kiri-Hasebe, treasure of the Kuroda clan has gone missing! I recall feeling a fumbling at my waist while I was grappling with that demonic harlot in that cave, but she didn't have it. It must have been some other demon... I beg of you, please find that sword and return it to me!

- Kanbei Nagamasa

Completion Edit

Yes! That's Heshi-Kiri-Hasebe, all right! The treasure of the Kuroda, bestowed upon my father by Lord Nobunaga himself... How could I ever have faced my father again if I'd lost it? My deepest gratitude, Sir Anjin!
Uh, and don't tell my father, okay?

- Kanbei Nagamasa

Objective Edit

The sword was stolen by a Kappa, found in the lower parts of the cave. Defeating it completes the mission.

Rewards Edit

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