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Description Edit

Restores health when used.

Said to be made by Kodama tree spirits from nuts and seeds, but the truth is unknown. It only affects those with spiritual strength. Connoisseurs savor its unusual bitter flavor.


Restores the health of William. The amount of health restored varies and can be increased via Prestige rewards. The drop rate of Elixirs can be increased via Kodama Blessing. The amount of held Elixirs varies based on the level and story progress of the player.

Healing effect Edit

By default elixirs heals 55% of total health, additionally it can be increased with Onmyo Magic skill Panacea Curefast by maximum of 20%, and with passive bonus from Guardian Spirit Gyokuto by 20%(up to 26% at max level).

Additionally Prestige Ungyo perk can increase healing amount by 0.5% for each rank.

Medicine Case accessory can also increase healing amount.

Capacity Edit

Basic maximum capacity 8 elixirs. Ninjutsu skill Medicine Man can increase maximum capacity by up to 3 elixirs, to a total of 11.

Resting at Shrine will restore 3 elixirs by default, and 1 for each 5 Kodama found in the region. Additional elixirs will be added from storage.
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