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Entry 1 Edit

Unlock: To unlock, complete the mission "????".

Derrick is the Tower of London's executioner. He himself had committed a crime deserving the death penalty, but was was pardoned on the condition that he take on his current position. He has ended the lives of over 3000 people in the years since then, including political prisoners and dissidents, in grisly public spectacles that often featured his gigantic axe. A brutal man to begin with, he grew more and more violent over the course of his duties, and although he obeys the orders of Kelley and his associates faithfully, he no longer speaks. In fact, he shows no sign of emotion or intelligence at all. As well as decapitation, he also executes people by hanging, and even invented a device for hoisting people off the ground rather than dropping them from above. His name is still used for that type of crane even in our day.

Entry 2 Edit

Unlock: To unlock, defeat ???.

Stabbed with an Amrita crystal by Kelley, he transformed into a Yokai and became even more violent, but was slaim by William. However, even after his death, Derrick's Yokai body never rotted away completely. Instead, it became an unstoppable bloodthirsty beast, roaming where instinct took it until William returned and brought an end to its misery, finally allowing Derrick to rest.


Location Edit

He is fought as a boss in the prologue mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit within the Tower of London and during The Queen's Eyes.


Behaviour Edit

In the first phase he is fought as a human and upon defeat, Edward Kelley enfuses him with Amrita; his eyes turn red and he transforms into a monster.


Weak Spot & Tactics Edit

  • When he performs his charge, dodge to either side
  • Go in for one-two swings with your weapon and quickly backstep
  • Block the triple slash carefully


  • ???

Trivia Edit

  • There really was an English executioner Thomas Derrick during Queen Elizabeth's era, famed for having executed more than 3000 people. The word "derrick" is associated with what the hangman's noose was supported on and in the modern era, it's a reference to its use on mechanical cranes.
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