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Upon finally meeting with the real Ieyasu, William is shocked by the dark forces he can see that he is struggling with. Ieyasu asks William why he fights, but he does not know the answer. Ieyasu states that he fights so that he can create a world without war.


William enters the Iga clan's secret fortress, where he is obstructed by ninjas under the command of Kelley. After making his way through the building, he encounters a large Yokai in the form of a giant frog. After being defeated, the giant frog lectures Hanzo on the meaning of being a ninja and vanishes.

The source of the miasma poisoning the land of Futamata is the mausoleum of Ieyasu's son Nobuyasu. Standing before his burial chamber is a weeping Ogress who is surrounded by a patch of blood-red flowers. After slaying her, he is greeted by Okatsu who confesses that she is Ieyasu's daughter and offers a prayer to her brother Nobuyasu's grave. Impressed by William's desire to value life over honour, Okatsu shares with him the Guardian Spirit Gyokuto.

Kelley wreaks havoc within Edo Castle, causing even the powerful warriors of Mikawa to turn against each other. Okatsu is captured and taken hostage along with Ieyasu's wife and children. Kelley's arcane sorcery is capable of controlling even Ieyasu's most devout retainer Honda Tadakatsu, forcing him to face William in battle. After defeat, Tadakatsu attempts to commit suicide out of shame.

William finds Okatsu under the control of Kelley. William is forced to face the deadly blade skills of this kunoichi head on. After regaining her senses she is quickly recaptured by Kelley, who demands Ieyasu's death in return of her life, but Ieyasu refuses. Okatsu manages to free herself but trips and falls from the keep, plunging towards certain death. William leaps from the castle walls and is able to catch her before she hits the ground.

Ishida Mitsunari raises an army and surrounds Torii Mototada's small regiment at Fushimi Castle. Ieyasu is determined to sacrifice the castle to further his goals, but through the Guardian Spirit Narikama Tanuki, William is able to sense the conflict that he feels within. In response, William immediately sets out towards Fushimi in an effort to rescue Mototada.

Main Missions[]

The Iga Escape
(Mission Level 70)
Iga Mansion.png

Memories of Death-Lilies
(Mission Level 78)

The Defiled Castle
(Mission Level 87)
Edo Castle Sewers.png

Sub Missions[]

The Three Souls
(Mission Level 65)

Of Withered Grass and Yokai
(Mission Level 71)

A Fiercer Flame
(Mission Level 73)
Iga mansion 2.png

The Trail of the Master
(Mission Level 79)
Bath house.png
  • Doji-kiri Yasutsuna (wind)
  • Kaido Armour (H): Do
  • Daion-jin's Sake x1
  • Gold.png 21,700
  • Amrita.png 3,068

The Seven Good Tidings
(Mission Level 80)

The Okehazama Incident
(Mission Level 84)
  • Spirit Iron Chunk x3
  • Spirit Iron Fragment x6
  • Gold.png 29,900
  • Amrita.png 24,720

The Rising Shadows
(Mission Level 88)
Edo Castle Courtyard.png

The Giant Frog Brawl
(Mission Level 91)
Yokai Realm.png

The Champion of the East
(Mission Level 93)
Edo Castle Courtyard.png


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