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In addition to the Ishida and Saika forces surrounding Fushimi Castle, Mitsunari also enlists Yokai to participate in the siege. When William arrives, the castle is already in flames and about to fall, but Torii Mototada is determined to keep fighting and refuses to flee...


Waiting for William at the top of the castle is the leader of the Saika clan, Saika Magoichi. With the Guardian Spirit Yatagarasu at his side, Magoichi spreads his black wings and swoops down to attack William. After being defeated, he acknowledges William's skill, and quickly withdraws from the battle along with the Saika clan. William finds Mototada and tries to convince him to flee, but he is determined to fight to the death, while his Guardian Spirit, the Suzaku, soars magnificently through the sky. As the castle comes down around them, William receives the Guardian Spirit amidst the crimson flames.

Tokugawa Ieyasu, Honda Tadakatsu, Ii Naomasa and Kuroda Nagamasa take up position in the central plains, while on the opposing side, Ishida Mitsunari, Shima Sakon, and Otani Yoshitsugu look to surround Ieyasu's forces. Meanwhile, Kikkawa Hiroie and Kobayakawa refuse to commit to either side, shrouding the battle in mystery. Starting with Ii Naomasa's brazen charge, the two armies clash on the field of battle.

The battle begins to tip in favour of the Ishida forces, but Kobayakawa Hideaki refuses to move, having promised to join Ieyasu's side. Meanwhile, William fires the Liefde's cannons, forcing Hideaki to move and thereby changing the tide of the battle. As the momentum shifts towards the Tokugawa, the Ishida general Otani Yoshitsugu looks to prevent the battle from becoming a rout. Upon arriving, William finds him strangely tranformed. Upon defeat, his Guardian Spirit Janomecho is freed from his body. After hearing of Yoshitsugu's death, Shima Sakon sets a plan in motion to ensure Mitsunari's survival. Acting as a decoy, he attempts to lure the Ieyasu forces away from his lord.

William comes across Shima Sakon, who is a master of the spear as well as tactics. Determined to protect his lord, Sakon refuses to back down. After admitting defeat, Sakon shares his Guardian Spirit, the Kara-jishi, however, even this act is merely a ploy to allow his lord to flee to safety. Witnessing the encounter from afar, Mitsunari asks Kelley to use the forbidden spell to save Sakon, causing the giant Yokai Gasha-Dokuro to emerge from the corpses of hundreds of fallen soldiers from both sides, giving rise to an enroaching darkness. The earthly realm and that of the Yokai merge as one, causing the fields of Sekigahara to be overrun by Oni.

Seeing William in danger, Tenkai the Onmyo mage and Hattori Hanzo the ninja rush to his aid. Large quantities of Amrita spew forth from the weakened Gasha-Dokuro and Tenkai uses their power to finish off the evil creature for good. Although the darkness lifts from Sekigahara, it remains buried beneath the countless corpses that serve as the aftermath of this bitter battle. The Battle of Sekigahara ends in victory for the Tokugawa forces and Ieyasu's camp begins to plan their next move. Kobayakawa Hideaki proposes they attack Mitsunari's base at Sawayama Castle. William, believing that he will find Kelley there as well, decides to join them.

Main Missions[]

Immortal Flame
(Mission Level 96)
Fushimi Castle.png

(Mission Level 103)

The Source of Evil
(Mission Level 111)
Sekigahara Battlefield.png

Sub Missions[]

The Unrepentant Thief
(Mission Level 91)
Cemetary of Ships.png

The Silent Crow
(Mission Level 92)
Bath house.png

Desperate Retreat
(Mission Level 105)

Kuroda's Determination
(Mission Level 107)
Sekigahara Battlefield.png

The Demon's Daughter
(Mission Level 113)
Request from Ginchiyo.png

The Watcher in Darkness
(Mission Level 115)
  • Spirit Iron Chunk x2
  • Highest Quality Leather Cord x5
  • Gold.png 37,200
  • Amrita.png 53,424
  • 4 Kodama


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