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Main Regions[]

London 03.png
At the end of the 16th century, England and Spain are locked in a struggle for control of the world. Eventually, they come to learn of the existence of special stones known as Amrita, which contain a unique spiritual power that can mean the difference between victory and defeat.
List of London Missions
Kyushu 02.png
With the Liefde moored offshore, William takes a small skiff to the island's sandy shores. Upon his arrival, he sees some corpses belongong to the island's natives, their bodies covered with some kind of grotesque creatures.
List of Kyushu Missions
Chugoku 01.png
The group departs the harbour well-stocked thanks to supplies from the grateful Kuroda clan, and the Liefde sets sail for the Kinki region. Along the way, the ship is attacked by a giant Oni known as an Umi-Bozu. It narrowly avoids disaster, but suffers heavy damage and is forced to seek refuge in a port in the Chugoku region.
List of Chugoku Missions
Kinki 01.png
William turns to the Tokugawa general Torii Mototada for help, but is rebuffed until the young li Naomasa proposes a test to prove whether William is trustworthy or not.
List of Kinki Missions
Tokai 05.png
Upon finally meeting with the real Ieyasu, William is shocked by the dark forces he can see that Ieyasu is struggling with.
List of Tokai Missions
Sekihagara 01.png
In addition to the Ishida and Saika forces surrounding Fushimi Castle, Mitsunari also enlists Yokai to participate in the siege.
List of Sekigahara Missions
Omi 02.png
Mitsunari is found within the caves of the sacred Mount Ibuki. He asks Kelley for help to resurrect Hideyoshi but Kelley has other plans, instead hoping to resurrect Oda Nobunaga so that the land falls into chaos once more.
List of Omi Missions

DLC Regions[]

Tohoku 01.png
The blond-haired blue-eyed samurai William once again attempting to make landfall in Japan. While in London, he had somehow foreseen that Hanzo may be in danger. Soon after, he is reunited with Nekomata who joins him as his Guardian Spirit.
List of Tohoku Missions
Siege of Osaka (Winter)
Osaka Winter 01.png
The year is 1614, and the Siege of Osaka's winter campaign is well underway as the Yokugawa forces find themselves struggling against the stalwart defenses of Sanada Maru.
List of Siege of Osaka (Winter) Missions
Siege of Osaka (Summer)
Osaka Summer 03.png
In 1615, the summer campaign of the Siege of Osaka begins. There, Sanada Yukimura vows to defeat Toyotomi Hideyori's mother Yodogimi without the use of spirit stones.
List of Siege of Osaka (Summer) Missions

Dojo Missions[]

Siege of Osaka (Summer)
The dojo is filled with the blood, swear and tears of uncounted warriors who polished their techniques within its walls.
List of Dojo Missions

Twilight Missions[]

Twilight Missions
Yokai Realm.png
The dojo is filled with the blood, swear and tears of uncounted warriors who polished their techniques within its walls.
List of Twilight Missions

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