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Mitsunari flees to the caves of the sacred Mount Ibuki. He asks Kelley for help to resurrect Hideyoshi but Kelley instead wants to resurrect Oda Nobunaga so that the land falls into chaos once more. He transforms Mitsunari and commands him to attack William.

After regaining his sanity by given the mystical waters of Mount Ibuki by Tenkai, he shares his Guardian Spirit, the Izuna. Tenkai admonishes Mitsunari, who still refuses to admit defeat out of loyalty to Hideyoshi. Tenkai then reveals himself to be Akechi Mitsuhide, the retainer who abandoned loyalty and slew Oda Nobunaga in the name of justice. William heads towards Sawayama in order to prevent Kelley's diabolical plan to resurrect the Overlord.

Beneath Sawayama Castle Kelley is attempting to resurrect Nobunaga just as William arrives. Kelley flees with the remains and William stopped by a giant figure clad in black armour. The defeated Obsidian Samurai Yasuke, a retainer originally from Africa once served Nobunaga and shares his Guardian Spirit the Atlas Bear.

William approaches Azuchi Castle, where Kelley hopes to resurrect Nobunaga. Although he declines Hanzo's and Okatsu's offer of assistance, they join him anyway. Within the hallowed halls of the Hakkakudo inside Azuchi Castle, Nobunaga lives once more. Kelley finally succeeds in his evil plot to throw Japan back into a state of never-ending war and chaos. With his endgame finally near, he orders the resurrected Nobunaga to kill William.

Returning from the depths of hell, Nobunaga overwhelms William. Ready to meet death, he awaits the final blow, but Nobunaga stops himself and shares his Guardian Spirit the Tengen Kujaku instead and returns to the afterlife.

Beyond the main keep, Kelley lies in wait for William in preparation for their final confrontation. At last, William is able to corner his elusive nemesis, his long journey in search of Saoirse and the Amrita ready to reach its inevitable conclusion. Severely injured, Kelley takes the Amrita he had gathered and leaps from the castle's main keep, spreading the Amrita across Lake Biwa. In doing so, the lake begins to churn violently and the sky rips open, giving rise to the feared Yokai Yamata-no-Orochi.

William manages to defeat it, its eight heads bringing ruin to Azuchi Castle as it falls back into Lake Biwa. Before long, the lake and sky return to normal, and peace once again descends upon the land. He slays Kelley on the shores and finally rescues Saoirse. William bids Hanzo farewell and takes his leave, and so the blond haired, blue—eyed foreigner who became a samurai, disappears beyond the horizon.

Hanzo and Okatsu inform Ieyasu of the happenings at Azuchi Castle, stating that William died in his battle against Kelley. Meanwhile, in the capital Mitsunari is executed at Rokujo-Kawara. Finally, the land that had been at war for so long was about to know peace again.

Main Missions[]

A Defiled Holy Mountain
(Mission Level 120)
Mount Ibuki.png

The Samurai from Sawayama
(Mission Level 127)
Sawayama Castle.png

The Demon King Revealed
(Mission Level 135)
The Demon King Revealed.png

Sub Missions[]

The Mountain of Remorse
(Mission Level 124)

The Ghosts of Sawayama
(Mission Level 130)
Bath house.png

The Inheritance
(Mission Level 132)
Honnoji Temple 02.png


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