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With the Liefde moored offshore, William takes a small skiff to the island's sandy shores.

In the cargo hold of a sailing ship on the island, William finds the remains of some unfortunate prisoners who were left behind. He is attacked by a giant Onryoki that was born from the restless spirits of the dead...


William slays the Onryoki, and escapes from the ship just as it burns into flames. There to greet him as a mysterious ninja known as Hattori Hanzo, who agrees to help William find Kelley after seeing him slay the Oni. Determined to see his quest through to the end, William accepts Hanzo's offer.

William sets out in search of Nagamasa at the request of Kuroda Kanbei. He continues his journey into a cave feared even by the toughest bandits. Lying in its darkest depths is an Oni known as Hino-Enma, who lures humans to its lair in order to trap them and feed off the blood from their still-living bodies. He rescues Kuroda Nagamasa from her clutches. Nagamasa offers his thanks, and William obtains the Guardian Spirit known as Fuse-ushi.

A banquet is held in William's honour at the Kuroda clan's mansion. William leaves the party early, eager to resume his pursuit of Kelley. In the courtyard, he meets Hanzo's kunoichi Okatsu, who brings word of trouble befalling the Tachibana clan. Ginchiyo, the wife of the clan's ruler Muneshige welcomes William, stating that her husband set out to slay some Oni, but has yet to return.

Vast ruins lie beneath the grounds of Dazaifu. Deep within the remains, William finds who he belives to be Muneshige, but is actually Kelley in disguise.

Following a heated battle, William defeats him, freeing Muneshige's Guardian Spirit. Kelley then extracts a large amount of Amrita from the ruins and flees, taking Saoirse with him once more. Grateful for helping find her husband, Ginchiyo shares with William the Guardian Spirit Raiken and presents him with the famous sword Raikiri.

Main Missions[]

Isle of Demons
(Mission Level 5)
Isle of Demons.png

Deep in the Shadows
(Mission Level 12)
Deep in the Shadows.png

The Spirit Stone Slumbers
(Mission Level 19)
The Spirit Stone Slumbers.png

Sub Missions[]

Death to Bandits
(Mission Level 10)
Death to Bandits.png

Wreathed in Flame
(Mission Level 13)
Isle of Demons.png

Finders, Keepers
(Mission Level 15)
Deep in the Shadows.png

Kanbei and the Overlord
(Mission Level 18)
Deep in the Shadows.png

A Request from Ginchiyo
(Mission Level 21)
Request from Ginchiyo.png

Invitation from the Warrior of the West
(Mission Level 27)
  • Spirit Stone x1
  • Spirit Iron Fragment x5
  • Gold.png 1,643
  • Amrita.png 1,567


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