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Key Items cannot be sold and are sometimes required to complete quests.

Smithing Texts[]

See the full list of Smithing Texts here.

Quest Items[]

Old Charm[]

Old Charm.png
A timeworn charm discovered among ruins deep in the mountains. It is made from seashells.

Acquired during the A Request from Ginchiyo sub mission for a gift from Ginchiyo for Tachibana Muneshige's concibune Yachiko.


A piece of flint received from an Onmyo mage called Fuku. Two flints can be struct together to start a fire.

Given by Fuku in the beginning of The Ocean Roars Again main mission to light bonfires in order to make the fight against Umi-bozu easier.


Key to Residence[]

Key to Residence.png
The key to the residence of the leader of the fishing village. It's stained with blood.

Acquired during the Isle of Demons main mission and The Blessed Village sub mission in order to enter the second area of the level.


Hora-gai Shell[]

Hora-gai Shell.png
A horn made from a conch shell, blown to produce a deep trumpet-like sound. Often carried by mountain ascetics called Yamabushi, they are also blown on battlefields to signal or rally troops. Additionally, enemy players can be alerted as to your whereabouts.

Attracts enemies. Found in a chest during the Deep in the Shadows mission inside the Boss's Room that can be opened with the Boss's Room Key.

Harakiri Sword[]

Harakiri Sword.png
The short sword used in the ritual suicide of a famous general. Harakiri, also known as seppuku was a ritual suicide by disembowelment to atone for carelessness or to show regret for one's actions. The person committing harakiri retained their honour by showing the determination to accept the ultimate responsibility and punishment for their transgressions.

Use this item to commit harakiri. You will lose everything but retain your honour. You will lose all Amirita and be returned to the nearest Shrine.

Himorogi Fragment[]

Himorogi Fragment.png
A splinter of a sacred tree used as a holy vessel in religious rituals.

Uses up all of your Amrita, but allows you to quit a mission and return to the starting point.

Seimei Wind Talisman[]

Seimei Wind Talisman.png
This Onmyo Magic charm increases your resistance to Wind. It contains the powerful essence of a legendary Onmyo Mage and remains in your inventory after being used.

Cracked Ochoko Cup[]

Cracked Ochoko Cup.png
A small ceramic cup for drinking sake, now cracked, perhaps from being carried onto a battlefield. When offered at a crossroads, it will open up the path to a world beyond the mortal realm known as The Abyss, where battle rages for eternity.

White Ochoko Cup[]

White Ochoko Cup.png
A small white ceramic cup for drinking sake. Using it to make an offering at a Shrine in The Abyss will summon a Visitor. You can offer two of these at a time.

While white is a symbol of purity that cannot be tainted, it is also the colour used for burial clothes and can thus represent death and departing from the mortal realm.

Ochoko Cup[]

Ochoko Cup.png
A small ceramic cup for drinking sake. Using it to make an offering at a Shrine will summon a Visitor who will take the cup upon arrival.

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