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After William defeats Joro-Gumo during the Spider Nest Castle main mission in the Kinki region, Matsunaga Hisahide can be found in the Hidden Teahouse where players can engage in clan online battles and trade Glory received from PVP and defeating Revenants.

Trade Edit

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Exchange Glory in for items such consumables and crafting materials.
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Exchange Glory for masterpieces - random rare weapons and armour.
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Exchange Glory in for Skins that allow William to take the appearance of another character.
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Exchange Glory in for Gestures.

Clan Battles Edit

Allows William to access Clan rankings, donate to Clans and transfer to another Clan. Please refer to this page for information on Clans, their donations and rewards.

Transform Edit

Transform into another character's skin. In order to transform, the Skin needs to have been purchased from Matsunaga Hisahide. Please refer to this page for more information on Skins and their prices.

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