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Guardian Spirits provide William with a set of passive bonuses and a Living Weapon. Some of the passives they provide require a certain amount of Spirit stats. When William dies, they will also protect his grave. If he is able to reach the grave before dying again, he will reacquire all Amrita he's lost when he's died.

In NG+ Guardian Spirits can be upgraded using Amrita.

Living Weapons[]

When the Amrita meter is full, the Living Weapon can be activated. When active, William's health and Ki meter is replaced by the Amrita gauge that decreases over time, by performing actions and by taking damage. Taking damage in this state does not affect the default health meter, however using healing items does.

Parameters Related to invoking a Living Weapon
Attack enchancement Indicates how your attack will be enhanced by a Living Weapon.
Usable time How long a Living Weapon will last. This gauge decreases as time goes by, if you use Ki, or when you are hit by an enemy.
Might The speed at which the Living Weapon Gauge decreases if you are hit while using the Living Weapon.
Action Amount the Living Weapon Gauge is reduced when you consume Ki while using the Living Weapon. The higher it is, the more you can use it.
Recovery Rate at which the Living Weapon Gauge recovers when you absorb Amrita while using a Living Weapon.
Tenacity The effectiveness of a Living Weapon that is active when your health is under a certain level.
Amrita gauge rate The speed at which you gain Amrita. The higher the rate, the more tha gauge fills. When your Amrita Gauge hits maximum, you can invoke a Living Weapon.
Guardian Spirits
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