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Bosses Enemies Guardian Spirits
Stats Skills Weapon Proficiency
Combat Titles Shrine


Use Living Weapon + O (When Amrita gauge is full)
Ki Pulse R1 after attack
Drop Attack While in the air, or
Dash Forward L3 +
Change Stance R1 + / /
Zoom-in (while shooting) R3


Combat in Nioh is brutal and fast-paced. Both William and the enemies he engages with have a health bar and a Ki meter that depletes when attacking, blocking or taking damage. There are 7 types of melee weapons and 3 types of ranged weapons to use in three stances that all have their unique movesets. For more combat information, see here.

Levelling and Guardian Spirits

Throughout his journey, William collects Amrita that can be invested into stats (leveling up) at Shrines. Dying causes William to respawn at the last Shrine he rested at, dropping all uninvested Amrita and temporarily losing the Guardian Spirit. The Guardian Spirit will sit on William's grave, holding the lost Amrita. Should William die before being able to recover it, it will be permanently lost and the Spirit Guardian will return to William. Alternatively, Summoner's Candle can be used to recover lost Amrita from William's grave along with his Guardian Spirit.

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