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Melee Combat


Quick attack:
Strong Attack:

Attacking, blocking and taking damage costs Ki. Quick attacks use less Ki, but do not cause much damage. Strong attacks inflict more damage but they also consume more Ki and leave you more vulnerable after the move. Once it's fully depleted, it leaves William short of breath (stunned), leaving him open to a devastating attack.

Ki Pulse[]

Press R1 when the blue light gathers around you after an attack to replenish Ki. The maximum possible Ki which can be recovered is shown in the Ki Gauge, but how much is replenished depends on timing.


Lock on: L3 Change targets: R3

While locked onto an enemy, the camera will always centre on that enemy. The enemy's health and Ki will also be displayed.

Drop Attacks[]

Press or while in the air.

Drop attacks inflict a great deal of damage to an enemy, however dropping from a high spot will cause you to take damage as well. The damage inflicted will increase with heavier equipment and by dropping from a greater height.


Dash: Hold Movement +

Ki is consumed while dashing. You will not be able to dash for a little while if your Ki runs out.

Guarding and Evasion[]

Guard: L1

Guarding enemy attacks avoids taking damage, but it consumes Ki. If all Ki is lost when guarding, your guard will be broken. Some attacks can take a large amount of Ki.

Evasion lets you dodge an enemy attack, but like guarding, it also consumes Ki.

Killing Strike[]

Killing strike: near a downed enemy.

If an enemy falls, strike when he is vulnerable to finish the fight.

Yokai Realm and Purification[]

A shadowy area created by Yokai where humans regenerate Ki at a much slower rate and serves to strengthen any Yokai within.

Succesfully regaining the maximum amount of Ki from a Ki Pulse purifies the Yokai Realm if performed within it.

Equipment Weight[]

Select "Status" from the Status Menu to view current equipment weight. The more you carry, the more Ki will be consumed. Raise Stamina and Strength to increase the maximum equipment weight.

Heavy armour tends to be also very tough. The higher the value, the less Ki will be lost to enemy attacks. Toughness values are divided into three levels: yellow, green and blue.

Using Items[]

Assign an item to a shortcut, then use them by pressing the directional buttons.

Items can be assigned to shortcuts in the Equipment Menu, giving you quick access to them even in the heat of battle. Items can also be used from the Inventory Menu.

Two different sets of 4 shortcuts are available by default, to switch between them press L2.


High stance: R1 +
Mid stance: R1 +
Low stance: R1 +
Sheath weapon: R1 + O

The bottom right of the screen indicates what stance William is currently in. Changing stances will change the orientation of William's equipped weapon and enable the use of different movesets and Skills.

Stance information
High Stance is an aggressive stance that increases damage at the cost of heavy Ki consumption. Can only dodge by rolling once, costing 21 Ki.

Medium Stance is a balanced stance that supports Skills such as parries. Only Medium Stance regenerates Ki while blocking while moving. Can only dodge twice in a row, costing 14 Ki.

Low Stance features fast, short range attacks for low Ki costs, suitable for fighting nimble enemies. Can side-dodge unlimited times, costing 7 Ki.

Sheathed Stance works the same way as Medium Stance.

Weapons and Skills[]

Change melee weapon: R1 + LEFT/RIGHT on the D-Pad

All 7 types of melee weapons have fast and heavy attack sequences that are unique for each weapon and stance. Certain skills share the same commands. They can be customised by selecting Skill Customisation in the Status Menu.

For each weapon Skill, see the following pages:

Ranged Weapons[]

Change ranged weapon: R1 + R1 + UP/DOWN on the D-Pad
Ready weapon: R2
Shoot: L2

BowsRiflesHand Cannons

To switch ammo type, press for normal, for special ammo while aiming. Ranged weapons can hold a limited amount of ammo and rare type of ammo that doesn't replenish until the end of the mission.

Some enemies have a weak spot. Landing a hit on it will deal a great amount of damage and break their stance. The middle of the aiming reticule will turn red when pointed at an enemy's weak spot, while the rest of the reticule will turn red if you are close enough to the enemy.

Living Weapons[]

Living Weapon: When the Guardian Spirit Amrita Gauge is full, press O +
Guardian Spirit Skill: press O + while Living Weapon is active

Triggering a Living Weapon changes the Health Gauge and Ki Gauge to the Living Weapon Gauge. As long as it's active, you are impervious to damage and your close combat attacks deal more damage. The Gauge decreases over time and when enemy attacks land. Once it's depleted its effect wears off.

Ninjutsu and Onmyo Magic[]

Ninjutsu and Onmyo Magic skills add more variety to combat by offering a wide range of skills, abilities and usable items.

Ninjutsu focuses on bare-handed combat, stealth and the preparation of items such as bombs, shuriken and poisons.

Onmyo Magic allows William to prepare talismans of both offensive and defensive kinds, for example increasing resistance or buffing a weapon with elemental damage.

For detailed information on Skills, please see the following pages:


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