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The group departs the harbour well-stocked thanks to supplies from the grateful Kuroda clan, and the Liefde sets sail for the Kinki region. Along the way, the ship is attacked by a giant Oni known as an Umi-Bozu...


It narrowly avoids disaster, but suffers heavy damage and is forced to seek refuge in a port in the Chugoku region, ruled by the Mohri clan.

The Kikkawa clan is a well-known family that supports the Mohri. Visiting them is a brilliant strategist who serves beneath Ishida Mitsunari, Shima Sakon.

After wading through countless Oni and a highly toxic poison in the Iwami Silver Mine, he encounters a large Oni known as a Great Centipede.

Despite Itsukushima being known for its holy shrine, it has been overrun by Yokai. William makes his way through the flooded temple where he eventually comes across an Umi-Bozu.

Inside Sawayama Castle, Ishida Mitsunari secretly meets with his advisors Shima Sakon and Otani Yoshitsugu to discuss their plan to defear Tokugawa Ieyasu. Just then, Kelley appears with an offer to help the beleaguered Ishida forces.

Main Missions Edit

The Silver Mine Writhes
(Mission Level 27)
  • Usurper's Kabuto x1
  • Daion-jin's Sake x1
  • Himorogi Branch x1
  • Gold 7,200
  • Amrita 2,864
  • 9 Kodama

The Ocean Roars Again
(Mission Level 38)
Itsukushima Temple
  • Omamori Charm
  • Hamaya Arrow x3
  • Sacred Ash x1
  • Horoku-dama x2
  • Gold 9,400
  • Amrita 4,872
  • 9 Kodama

Sub Missions Edit

The Guardian of the Underworld
(Mission Level 25)
Yokai Realm

The Three Angry Gods
(Mission Level 31)
Request from Ginchiyo

The Magatama of Fire
(Mission Level 34)

The Bridge of Bone
(Mission Level 38)
Night Bridge

Heir to the Nioh
(Mission Level 43)
Itsukushima Temple 2

The Conspirators
(Mission Level 45)
Cemetary of Ships

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