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Character Directory[edit | edit source]

An Amrita Fiend is a fiend with Amrita spikes driven deep into their shoulders and heads, sending them berserk. An Amrita Fiend is altogether more powerful than a normal fiend.

Amrita spikes contain attributes of either fire, water, wind, lightning, or earth. Match your elemental attack to the attribute of the Amrita Fiend to enhance the power of your hits. But beware: when an Amrita Fiend's power exceeds a certain level, it will explode--and this too can be exploited as a tactic by those so inclined.

Location[edit | edit source]

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Behavior[edit | edit source]

Amrita Fiend acts similarly to Yoki with the only notable differences is that it will attack the player with an elemental ball if they are a few feet away from the player and can inflict a status effect upon the player depending on their infused element.

Weak Spot & Tactics[edit | edit source]

Yokai Fiend are resistant to their own element, however, most of the time, if one is to hit the amrita cristal on their backs with said element, either through Living Weapon, an elementally infused weapon such as the Raikiri or Omnyo Magic buffs, the Yokai Fiend will drop on his knees then onthe ground where it will explode after a short period of time, therefore it is advised to run.

Their horns are their weak spot. Upon hitting their horn, their Ki will be broken and they'll fall to the ground and open themselves up for a finishing blow. All Weapons can easily break the horn in high stance. Ninjutsu and magic shots tend to aim close to the horn. If positioned accordingly, both Ninjutsu and magic shots can easily hit the horn.

Drops[edit | edit source]

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